Lesley Aggar: Flower + Water

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Open: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm


Lesley Aggar: Flower + Water


Lesley Aggar: Flower + Water
to Sat 27 Nov 2021
Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

Lesley Aggar

Nature has always been a vibrant presence in the work of photographer Lesley Aggar. The violent malevolent beauty of the English coast has infused her work with darkness and light. Aggar lives near the sea. It’s chameleon quality is a presence in her life and work. It’s hypnotic effect provides a framework to the seascapes we associate with her photography of the last decade. The point of view seemingly remains the same. The ebb and flow of the sea imbues her subject with an anthropomorphic quality, revealing its mood changes in a natural dynamism often unseen by the viewer.

Aggar’s Flower collages are merely a nod to the earth. They float between earth and sea, between earth and sky. These modern digital collages reference historically earlier botanical still life painting. They expand this precursive genre marrying new emotive forms of photographic floral vision with an older poetic eye. These whimsical still lifes dance under water and float on air. Their vibrance confounds the imagination. They invite the eye and mind into an unknown mystical world. These twenty-first century examples of nature morte are haunting reminders of our own ephemerality.

Lesley Aggar’s Flower + Water plays with our familiarity with the natural world. Do we see a foreboding beauty in her seascapes or an infinite calm? What lies beneath the surface of her vibrant still lifes? They appear as portals to unseen realms. Can we trust our eyes as pilots to their destination? Where will they lead?

Elizabeth Zeschin, 2021

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