Lauren dela Roche: Day Lily

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Open: Tue-Fri noon-5pm

515 West 20th Street, Suite 3N, NY 10011, New York, United States
Open: Tue-Fri noon-5pm


Lauren dela Roche: Day Lily

to Fri 29 Jul 2022

515 West 20th Street, Suite 3N, NY 10011 Lauren dela Roche: Day Lily

Tue-Fri noon-5pm

Sean Horton (Presents) announces Day Lily — the New York solo debut of Lauren dela Roche.

Sean Horton Presents Lauren dela Roche 1

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Sean Horton Presents Lauren dela Roche 3

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Roche’s layered and dynamic works on paper illustrate harmonic environments and depict scenes of empathetic touch and connection. Using nude female figures as the central subjects of her work, Roche distorts, elongates, and duplicates the female body in moody washes of acrylic paint and ink. Decorated interiors meld with exterior presences like wild animals, butterflies, and flowing rivers to create dream-like settings that explore balance and unease at once. Roche draws her influences from classical Greek mythology, handmade embroideries, domestic interiors, and her vivid dreamworld.

In Sulfur Cosmos, 2022, two nude female figures lounge above an arcade of rounded arches while streams of water pour out from amphoras, flowing between their bodies and through the architecture. Tables, plants, candelabras, and paintings, among other objects, fill the setting, giving it a home-like atmosphere. Meanwhile, in the background, two felines charge into the scene while a third remains confined to the lower right corner of the painting. Roche distorts the illusion of depth created by linear perspective resulting in a layered composition reminiscent of collage. The female figures, appearing unfazed by the simultaneous motion and idleness of their environment, engage tenderly with one another in a state of rituality and ceremony.

Roche’s interest in interior imagery began at a time in her life when she was bedridden due to a back injury and working from a specially-made drawing easel, the artist states, “I was in a lot of physical pain at that time. I really checked out mentally and found myself just drawing lines and trying to figure out how to portray spatial perspective by looking at my surroundings in my bedroom, it was sort of a coping mechanism.” Finding comfort in the repetitive line work of stairways, doorways, windows, and tangible objects, Roche began blurring boundaries between the internal and external.

Lauren dela Roche (b. 1983, Santa Rosa, CA) lives and works in St. Louis, MO and rural Minnesota. The artist received the 2019 Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters & Sculptors Fellowship and the 2012-13 Jerome Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship. Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Various Small Fires, Los Angeles, CA; Bockley Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, and New Image Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. She participated in the 2021 Bed-Stuy Art Residency, Brooklyn, NY. Notable collections include the North Dakota Museum of Art and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Courtesy of Sean Horton (Presents), New York

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