Konstantin Kakanias: Mrs. Tependris: The Quarantine Diaries

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1700 South Santa Fe Avenue, Suite 440, CA 90021, Los Angeles, United States
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Konstantin Kakanias: Mrs. Tependris: The Quarantine Diaries

Los Angeles

Konstantin Kakanias: Mrs. Tependris: The Quarantine Diaries
to Sat 22 Aug 2020
By Appointment

GAVLAK Los Angeles presents Mrs. Tependris: The Quarantine Diaries, a solo exhibition of new works on paper by Los Angeles-based artist Konstantin Kakanias (b. 1961, Athens, GR). This is the artist’s second solo presentation with the gallery.

Kakanias began creating The Quarantine Diaries at the onset of lockdown, authoring humorous captions from the cleverly critical perspective of his iconic character, Mrs. Tependris. Running through the series of posts and featured paintings is an indelible lust for life even in these strange and devastating times. Mrs. Tependris urges us to “travel with the mind”, a fitting mantra in the times of quarantine and social unease (awakening?).

Konstantin Kakanias is known for creating whimsical paintings observing the decadent worlds of art, design, travel, and luxury. In this series, Kakanias’ playful brush and bright color palette contrast subjects and situations that are far from cheerful.

Airing Mrs. Tependris’ grievances in an open letter to Covid-19, Kakanias relays a bold and witty rebuke to this situation we have all had to confront in our own way. With the guidance and unique perspective of Mrs. Tependris, we may come out of this alright:

Miss Corona,

You little germ. How dare you even present yourself in front of my eyes? I will destroy you, crush you, smash you with my stilettos.

If I ever see you back on Park Avenue, I will petrify you, you little shit. What? You say that swearing is not chic? Who are you to talk about anything chic, you viral atrocity.

Because of you, I missed my Broadway shows, my Spring couture fitting, my Salzburg Festival, AND the Cannes red carpet… pure horror! Worst of all, I saw my natural hair color for the first time in 30 years. Do you know how traumatic that was?

Don’t ever come close to me, you filthy creature. Do you know who I am? Have you any idea who you are fighting with?

You took the lives of so many chic creatures, including my great-great Aunt Mathilde, who was 106 in Monte Carlo (always hated her of course).

No more, Sweetie. Now am coming for you, you disgusting, two-faced, hypocritical, pathetic germ. Now you will see what female power is. Tependris is taking over.

I hate you.


Konstantin Kakanias (b. 1961, Athens, Greece) lives and works in Los Angeles. Kakanias studied fashion design at Studio Bercot in Paris. The artist has created illustrations for further publications including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, Los Angeles Times, among others. He has collaborated with Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Christian Louboutin, Christian Dior, Libertine, Co, Swarovski, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Barney’s New York. Kakanias has published various publications of his own, including Mrs. Tependris…Just Before the Olympic Games (Secretary for the Olympic Games of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, 2004), Mrs. Tependris: the Contemporary Years (Rizzoli, 2002), and Freedom or Death (Jane Stubbs, 1997). He has also collaborated on publications including, Frederic Malle: On Perfume Making (Angelika Books, 2012), The Bergdorf Goodman Cookbook (Laura Silverman, 2015), and Be the Wonder Woman You Can Be (DC Comics, 2008), created with Diane Von Furstenberg and including an essay by Gloria Steinem. Kakanias has exhibited at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York; Rebecca Camhi, Athens; Jennifer Flay, Paris; Galerie Art and Public, Geneva; Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens; The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; Benaki Museum, Athens; UC Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley; Art Basel, Switzerland; and The Armory Show, New York, among others.

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