Kim Chong-Hak

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Kim Chong-Hak


Kim Chong-Hak
to Sat 11 May 2019
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Kim Chong Hak’s first exhibition with Perrotin pays homage to the artist’s extensive career, showcasing around 20 of his works, which include recent acrylic paintings, his representative works from the 1980s, and drawings never before displayed.

Widely known as the “Painter of Seorak”, Kim evokes Mount Seorak—the third-highest mountain in Korea, situated in the east of the country— on his canvases with motifs from nature, such as flowers, insects, and weeds.

At the age of 82, Kim maintains a gestural way of making his art with coarse, rapid brushstrokes and with his hands, slathering paint on the canvas. Kim’s paintings introduce a distinct world where nature is rearranged according to the artist’s experience and sensations, bypassing temporal limits and cycles of life and death. His landscapes relinquish perspective and are intensely two-dimensional. Vines and weeds tangle luminously across the canvas; flowers bloom frontal-facing in various bright shades; dragonflies and butterflies fill the remaining gaps, resulting in dense compositions eliciting visceral awe.

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