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4 Cromwell Place, SW7 2JE, London, United Kingdom
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm


Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson: Everything Go Scatter

Tiwani Contemporary at Cromwell Place, London

Tue 25 Jan 2022 to Sun 6 Mar 2022

Artist: Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson

Book your visit Tiwani Contemporary presents Everything Go Scatter - a solo exhibition of new works on canvas and drawings by American artist Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson.

On first impressions the terrain feels dystopic, but the world we’re witnessing is actually not so unfamiliar, and reveals itself to be an allegory about our present moment; the tensions, anxieties and flights of survival hold together the improvised coping strategies and spiritual invocations enacted by its hybrid cast through routines and rituals that get them through one day to the next.

Wilson's awareness and concern about ecological change and extinction underpin this new body of work, suggesting that extraction; possession and accumulation are the modus operandi of the "survival of the fittest".

Wilson's polymorphic practice draws references from American popular culture, modern art and African folklore, largely exploring themes related to colonialism, archaeology and futurism, the artist collapses these narratives to create immersive universes where exoskeletons, humans, machines, animals and spirits joust or ritual dance in a syncretism that testifies to the artist's overflowing imagination.

Wilson says: “I don’t have any narrative goal in mind as I work, although there are characters who do reappear. More often, the story writes itself as the characters and elements are introduced. These characters, and any of the content in the paintings, are part of a language that I use to write the scene. I expect these to change and develop over time.”

Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson (b.1999, Los Angeles, USA) lives and works in New York, USA. Recent exhibitions include: Seven/Seven, Fergus McCaffrey, Tokyo (2022), Olisaemeka, Simchowitz Gallery, Los Angeles (2021), Poetic Sustenance, Tiwani Contemporary, London (2021).

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