Jorrit Tornquist. Solar Spectrum

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Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm


Jorrit Tornquist. Solar Spectrum


Jorrit Tornquist. Solar Spectrum
to Thu 9 Apr 2020
Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Brun Fine Art presents Jorrit Tornquist. Solar Spectrum, the new exhibition on the Austrian abstract artist Jorrit Tornquist (Graz, 1938), author and promoter of scientific studies on colours and sensory experience.

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The exhibition explores the theme of how Tornquist creatively uses the colour, light, geometry and formal composition to interact with the viewer’s sensory perception, featuring an impressive selection of paintings and sculptures that share this common theme.

Presented across the two floors of the gallery, this selling exhibition aims to showcase the development and transformation of Tornquist career and artistic research, from some of his early masterpieces up to the most recent works. In addition to some of his early monochrome paintings from 1970’s, the exhibition displays a selection of works which highlight the versatility of the artist and his quest to experiment with new material and techniques, the interplay between light and shadow and the iridescences of colour

Operating within the belief that colour itself has an electromagnetic frequency that, when combined with the background noise of a place, interferes with our mood, Tornquist’s work seeks to combine technological invention with emotional sensitivity. Throughout his artistic career, the artist has developed his own unique theory on the effects of colour on human perception and emotion.

Among the later works from 1990’s which illustrate the artist continuous interest for experimentation, Brun Fine Art is proud to exhibit a work created with the original techniques of acrylic colour on shaped canvas. In this work, robust canvas lines intertwined with one another in order to create a dense surface of interlaced cables, which enhance the soft hues of pink.

Born in Graz, Austria in 1938, he went on to study architecture at the University of Graz and settled in Italy in 1964, where he acquired citizenship in 1992. From 1960’s the artist founded and joined research teams in Milan, Graz and Tokyo, to promote the study of theories on colours. Moreover, he has participated in numerous prestigious exhibitions, notably including the 1986 Venice Biennale, and has published several books on his colour and spatial
theories, as the essays Theory of Colour and Perception of Space. Among the institutions which performed Tornquist’s solo exhibitions are the Museum of Drawers, the MC Crony Collection of New York, the Soto Museum in Ciudad of Venezuela, the Palazzo Reale in Milan, the Museum of Modern Art of Eilat.

Courtesy of Brun Fine Art

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