Jim Lutes: Solo, No Solo

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Jim Lutes: Solo, No Solo


Jim Lutes: Solo, No Solo

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Gray presents Solo, No Solo, a special online exhibition featuring new paintings by Jim Lutes.

For over four decades, Chicago-based artist Jim Lutes has produced a varied yet unmistakable body of work that explores the specific tensions between figuration and painterly abstraction. Often discussed in the context of Chicago Imagism, Lutes’s distinct style draws from an expansive set of art historical sources, blending elements of West Coast Funk, Abstract Expressionism, and postmodern appropriation. Lutes overlays ribbons of gestural brushstrokes to both reveal and obscure darkly comic tableaux that shimmer in and out of legibility. The suite of works presented on Gray Viewing Rooms showcases the painter’s most recent works as he pushes his medium—specifically, his distinctive blend of egg oil tempera—to its material limits.

For full details, visit the Gray Viewing Room here.

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