Isabelle de Ganay: Le Maître Impressionniste

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Open: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm


Isabelle de Ganay: Le Maître Impressionniste

Palm Beach

Isabelle de Ganay: Le Maître Impressionniste
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Tue-Sat 10am-6pm



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Villes et villages en couleur
Cities and Towns in Color

Isabelle de Ganay was born in Rouen in 1960. In Rouen, she discovered the same magic of the Normandy landscape that inspired the great names in Impressionism – Monet, Renoir, and Sisley. Isabelle was brought up in a family who for generations adored art, who knew and were instinctively drawn to genuine beauty. Her great-grandmother, Countess Martine de Béhague, was one of the great art patrons of the 1920s. Her splendid collection included the works of Leonardo de Vinci, Titian, Durer, and Monet; these works can now be enjoyed at the Louvre.

Rouen et environs
Rouen and Surrounding Areas

Art and nature very quickly occupied a predominant place in the life of young Isabelle and when she was only 15 years old, she accepted an honor rarely bestowed on someone so young, an invitation to study at the famous Beaux- Arts in Rouen. In 1976, Isabelle met Albert Malet, the last Impressionist painter of the School of Rouen. Malet had been a student of the original founder of the School of Rouen, Robert Antoine Pinchon, and he would become Isabelle’s mentor for the next ten years. Isabelle continued her formal education at the Academie Julian and L’École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where she was first in her class.

Champs et petites villes
Fields and Small Villages

After her studies, she returned to Rouen and began exhibiting throughout France. Critics praised her unique style and several exhibitions followed for the artist. Malet, who had always been aware of her gift as an artist, designated Isabelle as his successor. Upon his death in 1986, Isabelle assumed his position as Maïtre de l’ École de Rouen thus carrying the responsibility of passing on the knowledge and techniques of one of the last French schools of art.

Fleurs d’Isabelle
Isabelle’s Flowers

Jardins enchanteurs
Enchanting Gardens

Isabelle De Ganay is undoubtedly one of the truest disciples of en plein air. She fully immerses her senses within the moment and time of a painting. She embraces the fluctuations in the surrounding atmosphere and transfers the feeling of that present moment, in it’s truest form, to a brushstroke on the canvas before her. This technique allows her to seize and translate onto the canvas the most precious ephemeral moments.

A canvas from Isabelle de Ganay is one vibrating with warm, thrilling colors and brushstrokes that feel like they are constantly in motion. With all artistic elements considered, a viewer is left with a rich and enchanting painting, an underlying lucidity, displaying the most intriguing environs.

Monet’s Garden

Isabelle has had numerous successful exhibitions throughout Europe. Her position as a member of the Artistes de Français and the presence of her works in prestigious collections across France and the rest of the world is an affirmation of her continually expanding reputation as one of the true, classic Impressionist painters.

Findlay Galleries have proudly represented Isabelle for over 23 years and looks forward to continuing to present you with more of her outstanding paintings. Become swept away in her majestic gardens, fairytale rivers and bridges, and become mesmerized in her color palettes that take a viewer to another reality.

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