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Important Chinese Art

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Open: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm

5/F One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Open: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm


Important Chinese Art

Auction: Sun 9 Oct 2022


- Sat 8 Oct 2022

5/F One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Important Chinese Art

Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm



The Important Chinese Art auction presents a tightly curated sale including masterworks spanning five millennia, from the Neolithic period through to the Qing dynasty. Highlights include an extremely rare Qianlong period chenxiang mirror ‘raree’ cabinet and a Shang dynasty marble frog.


The ‘raree’ box, possibly commissioned  in the 17th year (1752), is set with a mirror flanked by two circular holes through which the Qianlong Emperor would have peeped through to view painted pictures, one of which being his most poignant and enigmatically titled double-portrait, ‘One or Two?’ The powerfully carved box cabinet not only showcases the influence of Western mechanism in 18th century court in China, but is possibly the only example known to be employed by the Qianlong Emperor to ponder on the nuances between the literal reflection of the self and self-identity.


The Shang dynasty marble frog belongs to a very rare group of marble carvings marking the dawn of Chinese sculpture. Ever so skilfully and minimalistically carved, the sculpture has truly stood the test of time in its timeless aesthetic. Also from the same important Japanese collection as the marble frog is a group of archaic artworks, including a splendidly decorated gold and silver inlaid sword-hilt, also not seen on the market for over 30 years.


The sale also includes a carefully selected group of Ming – Qing jades from the collection of Victor Shaw (1935-2020), who was renowned not only for his discerning eye but also his philanthropic pursuits.










For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact:

+852 2524 8121


For all sale enquiries please contact:


Nicolas Chow | | +852 2822 8128

Senior Director, Chairman, Asia, Worldwide Head and Chairman of Chinese Works of Art


Sam Shum | | +852 2822 8125

Senior Director, Senior Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Carrie Li | | +852 2822 8155

Senior Director International, Senior Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Xibo Wang | | +852 2822 5582

Director, Head of Department, Chinese Works of Art


Amethyst Chau | | +852 2822 8121

Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Vivian Tong | | +852 2822 9027

Deputy Director, Head of Mid-Season Sales, Chinese Works of Art


Cristine Li | | +852 2822 8122

Deputy Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Rubie Fong | | +852 2822 9037

Junior Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Xiaoye Yang | | +852 2822 8135

Cataloguer, Chinese Works of Art


Mizuka Seya | | +81 3 3230 2755

Deputy Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art, Japan


Ching Yi Huang | | +886 2 2757 6689

Deputy Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


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