Important Chinese Art

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Important Chinese Art

Hong Kong

Important Chinese Art
Auction: Thu 22 Apr 2021
Exhibition: - Sun 21 Apr 2002
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The Important Chinese Art auction opens with three extremely important seals embodying some of the most defining moments in Chinese imperial history – from the apex of the Ming dynasty and its brutal downfall, to the consolidation of the glorious Manchu empire and its decline in the 19th century. They include the only surviving Ming dynasty imperial seal, carved in memory of the influential and benevolent consort of the Yongle Emperor, Empress Wen; the largest and most important seal ever carved for the Kangxi Emperor, who in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, was the single most powerful person on earth, ruling over a vast Kingdom of over 100 million subjects; and the white jade seal commissioned and used by the latter’s grandson, the Qianlong Emperor, to not only memorialise his beloved relationship with his grandfather, but also legitimise the controversial succession of power of his father, the Yongzheng Emperor.


In addition to the historically important seals, we are pleased to offer a selection of imperial ceramics from the Ming and Qing dynasties, such as an impressive Yongle blue and white charger brilliantly painted with grapes, a Hongzhi yellow-ground and underglaze-blue dish, and a Yongzheng blue and white lotus-mouth vase. The sale will also present a range of fine and rare works of art, including two treasures from the Qianlong period: an imperial Beijing enamelled ‘peony’ covered wine ewer and a richly-decorated ruby-red overlay covered glass jar.






For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact:

+852 2524 8121


For all sale enquiries please contact:


Nicolas Chow | | +852 2822 8128

Senior Director, Chairman, Asia, Worldwide Head and Chairman of Chinese Works of Art


Julian King | | +852 2822 5518

Senior Director, International Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Carrie Li | | +852 2822 8155

Senior Director, Senior Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Sam Shum | | +852 2822 8125

Senior Director, Senior Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Amethyst Chau | | +852 2822 8121

Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Vivian Tong | | +852 2822 9027

Deputy Director, Head of Mid-Season Sales, Chinese Works of Art


Cristine Li | | +852 2822 8122

Deputy Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Gigi Yu | | +852 2822 8135

Deputy Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Mizuka Seya | | +81 3 3230 2755

Deputy Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art, Japan


Ching Yi Huang | | +886 2 2757 6689

Deputy Director, Specialist, Chinese Works of Art


Please note that as of August 1st 2020, Overhead Premium, a fee payable by all auction buyers in our global salesrooms and online sales, will be charged at 1% of the hammer price plus any applicable local taxes. It is an allocation of the overhead costs relating to our facilities, property handling and other administrative expenses. This fee and our Buyer’s Premium rates exclude local taxes and any applicable artist’s resale right.




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