Stunning Spaces (Spazi Inattesi)

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Via Morigi 8, 20123, Milan, Italy
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Stunning Spaces (Spazi Inattesi)


Stunning Spaces (Spazi Inattesi)
to Fri 17 Jul 2020
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Cortesi Gallery is reopening its doors with a new show titled Stunning Spaces (Spazi Inattesi), a group show dedicated to the most representative artists of the second half of the 20th century.


Strutturazione Simultanea-cinetica con Variazione, 1956-1959

Varnished tempera on canvas
162 x 100 cm
Courtesy Galleria Dep Art

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Composizione, 1962

Mixed media on canvas
67 x 67 cm
Courtesy Private Collection

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Grigio, 1969

Shaped canvas and vinyl tempera
125 x 154.4 cm
Courtesy Cortesi Gallery

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To launch the new gallery location in Via Morigi 8, located at the ground floor of the historical building Palazzo Morigi dating back to the 13th century, Cortesi Gallery presents a journey into rediscovering the concept of space experimentation. The exhibition aims to show a selection of artists that throughout their career, worked on the concept of space, both as a location and as a physical dimension.

The show is opening with a series of masterpieces by Giuseppe Santomaso, one of most representative artists of the Venetian scene of Arte Informale. In the first room dedicated to the artist his artwork “Fermento” (literally “Ferment”) dated 1963 is the leading piece of the works on display, which include artworks from the 1960s to later pieces created during his lifetime artistic career.

Continuing with the exhibition a selection of artworks belonging to the “pittura oggetto” movement created during the 60’s are on display; the aim of the artists of the group was to experiment the concept of tridimensional dimensions by shaping the canvas and consequently involving the viewing.

The exhibition ends with an artwork by Mario Nigro which rapresents the optical-dynamic concept, the intertwining and overlapping of the pictorial texture of the work titled “Strutturazione Simultanea-cinetica con Variazione” (1956-1959) overcomes the two-dimensionality of the canvas and generates a new tension between space and form.

A special attention is devoted to paying homage to Grazia Varisco which has been one of the main artists that has always been supported by Cortesi Gallery’s program. Two iconic works have been chosen for this exceptional show, “Quadri comunicanti, Filo Rosso” and “Extrapagina”, where the dichotomy full/empty originated by the shapes and the materical treatment, produces potential spaces capable of engaging the audience.

Courtesy of Cortesi Gallery. Photo: Bruno Bani


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