Harmony Korine: Young Twitchy

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Open: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat

980 Madison Avenue, NY 10075, New York Upper East Side, USA
Open: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat


Harmony Korine: Young Twitchy

New York

Harmony Korine: Young Twitchy
to Sat 20 Apr 2019
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The works were re-created in oil paint on canvas from images I constructed on my iPhone. I usually took these photographs around my home in Florida, and then painted over them with different characters. These light creatures hang out with the dogs, or dance on the abandoned boat dock. I would sit outside alone by the water and create alien-like friends on a low-key cosmic tropical playground.
—Harmony Korine

Gagosian presents Young Twitchy, an exhibition of new paintings by Harmony Korine.

Gagosian Madison Avenue Harmony Korine 1

Gagosian Madison Avenue Harmony Korine 2

Gagosian Madison Avenue Harmony Korine 3

Gagosian Madison Avenue Harmony Korine 4

© Harmony Korine. Photo: Rob McKeever. Courtesy Gagosian

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