Guy Yanai: The Conformist

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Open: Temporary Closure

5, rue des Haudriettes, 75003, Paris, France
Open: Temporary Closure


Guy Yanai: The Conformist


Guy Yanai: The Conformist
to Sat 25 May 2019
Temporary Closure

Praz-Delavallade presents The Conformist, second solo exhibition of the artist with the gallery, following a first success in Los Angeles.

Yanai’s practice is fueled by fables, stories and hymns – each painting is a reflection of the pragmatic side of our life. In his isolated moments, one may find a smiling child, a big splash, a lonely banana, a bristling cactus, a modernist lamp, a singing bird or a tiny boat gliding on placid waters below a clear sky. These individual vignettes bleed into one another and could continue forever, suspended in time and forming a timeless ensemble. Many of Yanai’s subjects are intentionally recognizable and commonplace, rendered in a pixelated appearance.

The Conformist as a title was decided on by Yanai for a multitude of reasons. The first resulted out of a minor argument with his French girlfriend who called him a conformist. At first, not understanding what was meant by this, the artist started thinking. He remembered the novel with the same name by the celebrated Italian author Alberto Moravia, which he had read at a young age and then the film that the recently deceased Bernardo Bertolucci made based on the novel. Here, hidden in this small put down during a petty domestic argument, lay an entire artistic lineage! Yanai realized that this lineage and the inner conflict of the conformist deeply resonated with his practice.

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