Crafted Landscapes
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Crafted Landscapes @ Gallery FUMI, London

Wed 1 May 2019 to Fri 6 Sep 2019

Crafted Landscapes @ Gallery FUMI

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Open: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat by appointment

2 Hay Hill, Mayfair, W1J 6AS, London West End, UK
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat by appointment


Crafted Landscapes


Crafted Landscapes
to Fri 6 Sep 2019
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat by appointment

Gallery FUMI presents an exciting new group show featuring the latest works from the creative minds and skilled hands of Francesco Perini, Voukenas Petrides and Lukas Wegwerth. Expanding on their successful collections, Crafted Landscapes, brings together artists and designers showcasing their affinity for combining age-old natural materials with fresh, contemporary design.

Gallery FUMI Crafted Landscapes 1

Gallery FUMI Crafted Landscapes 2

Gallery FUMI Crafted Landscapes 3

Gallery FUMI Crafted Landscapes 4

Gallery FUMI Crafted Landscapes 5

Gallery FUMI Crafted Landscapes 6

On the ground floor, the creamy strata of Francesco Perini’s Incontro series evokes a rustic panorama of ancient oak and weathered stone similar to a rich shell-strewn coastline. Below ground, Wegwerth’s Crystallizations sparkle like natural geodes in a timeless cavern. The smoothly undulating forms of Voukenas Petrides works appear sculpted over centuries by a subterranean river.

Inspired by his native Italian landscape and history, Francesco Perini has incorporated travertine into his work for the first time. Used in architecture since Roman times, the porous stone presents a challenging material when finely worked to Francesco Perini’s high level of precision. The smooth, tactile surfaces of the Incontro series are a testament to Francesco Perini’s mastery of traditional marquetry. The ripples of oak and stone, warm and cold, smooth and rough, give these works an irresistible depth and texture.

With their ongoing Tubular series, Voukenas Petrides are constantly exploring new possibilities of sculptural form in furniture. The work develops through trial and experimentation, pushing the limits of the material. They are unafraid to take a hammer to the gypsum when it calls for a new direction. This evolution of form, being redesigned and reworked over time, gives each piece a life and story of its own.

Lukas Wegwerth continues to expand and refine his acclaimed Crystallizations. He likens his work to the cultivation of bonsai trees, that take care and patience to grow into precious masterpieces. Each new work is the result of many months of careful pruning and re-growth, until the perfect crystalline structure is achieved.

This landscape of masterful craft includes additional works by designers Lara Bohinc, Rowan Mersh, Josepha Gasch-Muche, Sam Orlando Miller, Johannes Nagel and Max Lamb. The show will run throughout the summer, bringing a fresh landscape of exciting design to the heart of Mayfair.

Photography Courtesy of Tom Hartford

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