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Ismaninger Str. 51, 81675 Bogenhausen, Munich, Germany
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Giuseppe Spagnulo - Retrospective

Walter Storms Galerie, Munich

Mon 26 Jun 2023 to Sat 30 Sep 2023

Ismaninger Str. 51, 81675 Bogenhausen Giuseppe Spagnulo - Retrospective

By Appointment

Artist: Giuseppe Spagnulo

A retrospective of a friend and his work

For me, Giuseppe Spagnulo (1936-2016) was one of the most significant steel sculptors of his time. I met him in 1974 at his sculpture workshop in Arcore near Milan, and as a student, I immediately acquired a smaller steel floor sculpture from him. In 1977, shortly after the opening of my gallery, I organized Spagnulo's first solo exhibition in Munich and accompanied his artistic career from then on. Numerous exhibitions in museums and public institutions were initiated by my gallery.

Through deliberate interventions, Spagnulo succeeded in liberating red-hot heated steel from its seemingly unapproachable, rigid block-like nature, transforming it into newly created living organisms through bends and fractures. The geometric shapes obtained through an intermediate change in state symbolize an optimistic worldview full of energy, strength, and timeless beauty. A significant aspect of Spagnulo's works on paper is the use of crystalline ash from the Stromboli volcano, an artist following in the footsteps of Hephaestus.

The Association Giuseppe Spagnulo in Milan is working on a Catalogue Raisonné and kindly requests all friends and collectors of the artist to provide specific information about the location and whereabouts of his works. The Association Giuseppe Spagnulo also issues certificates of authenticity for the artworks.

Giuseppe Spagnulo, Pozzo, 2013, forged steel, ⌀ 110 cm, height 130 cm

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