Ginte Regina: Monika in September

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Open: noon-6pm Wed-Sat

Unit 7, 88 Mile End Road, E1 4UN, London, UK
Open: noon-6pm Wed-Sat


Ginte Regina: Monika in September

Ginte Regina: Monika in September
to Fri 21 Dec 2018

Ginte Regina Gao

We got off planes, buses, trams, taxis and ferries. Everything that we saw looked similar to things we had seen before; pavements, houses, fields and bridges, lakes and rivers. Yet nothing felt the same. We were looking at the world through the observant eye of our project and the depth that Alice Munro lends to everyday things. We saw rich possibilities in shop windows and the evening light.

Ginte Regina’s first solo show will centre around the film Monika In September, made on her journey through Canada in the footsteps of the author Alice Munro. Inspired by her short stories, Regina looks at the course of a young woman’s life by visiting the places Munro writes about. Reality and imagination, the deeply personal and the fictional become intertwined in an exhibition that explores feminine identity, estrangement and belonging.

Ginte Regina, still from Monika in September, 2018, single channel, 15 minutes 41 seconds

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