Genesis Belanger: Holding Pattern

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Open: 11am-6pm Tue-Wed, 11am-9pm Thurs, 11am-6pm Fri-Sun

235 Bowery, NY 10002, New York, USA
Open: 11am-6pm Tue-Wed, 11am-9pm Thurs, 11am-6pm Fri-Sun


Genesis Belanger: Holding Pattern

New York

Genesis Belanger: Holding Pattern
to Sun 14 Apr 2019
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With finely sculpted porcelain-and-stoneware ceramics pigmented in pastel hues, Genesis Belanger (b. 1978) creates fantastical objects that cull the uncanny from the everyday.

rs to cigarette stubs, lipstick tubes, and stray pills—are rendered strange as they become surrogates for the body, evoking both comfort and disquiet. Belanger conjures associations rich in references from Pop Art to the Surrealist object to seventeenth-century Dutch vanitas paintings, yet her work’s psychic impact remains acutely attuned to archetypes of the present. Belanger’s elegantly smooth and supple forms often contrast with their darkly humorous insinuations relating to pertinent subjects such as mass production, chemical dependency, and the absurdity of patriarchy.

Belanger presents a new installation in the window of the New Museum’s 231 Bowery building. Her project joins a new series of window installations that relaunches a program the New Museum originally mounted in the 1980s.

This project is curated by Margot Norton, Curator.

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