Eugene Richards: The Run-On of Time

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Open: Daily 11am-7pm , except Tue (closed) and Thu (open until 9pm)

79 Essex Street, NY 10002, New York, United States
Open: Daily 11am-7pm , except Tue (closed) and Thu (open until 9pm)


Eugene Richards: The Run-On of Time

to Sun 20 Jan 2019

Artist: Eugene Richards

79 Essex Street, NY 10002 Eugene Richards: The Run-On of Time

Daily 11am-7pm , except Tue (closed) and Thu (open until 9pm)

Special event:
Eugene Richards: A Closing Conversation. Friday 18 January, 6.30pm. Booking

One of the most respected photographers of his generation working today, Eugene Richards has devoted his career to exploring profound aspects of human experience.

Birth, death, family, and the grinding effects of poverty and prejudice, as well as the mental and physical health of individuals and communities, are recurring themes of his work. This exhibition—organized thematically, rather than by project—reveals Richards’s enduring concern with these subjects over the course of his 45-year career.

Richards’s style is unflinching yet poetic, and his photographs are deeply rooted in the texture of lived experience. Through photographs, writings, and moving image works, Richards confronts difficult subjects with an impassioned honesty that can be challenging, lyrical, beautiful, and melancholy.

His work is informed by the subjective approach of Robert Frank and the social commitment of W. Eugene Smith. It is distinct from these precedents, however, in that it is more intimate and does not disguise its subjectivity. Richards is, in his own words, “very conscious of what it means to go into someone’s house and take very private moments away in pictures. The responsibility of the photographer is to respect people while—and this is most important—utilizing all your skills to reveal something true about their lives and their humanity.” To Richards, this way of working results in photographs that are both more honest and more realistic than traditional documentary imagery.

Ultimately, Richards illuminates aspects of American society that are more easily, or more comfortably, ignored. Yet the tender inflection of his strong, unique voice makes encountering his work an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

Photography: John Halpern for the International Center of Photography

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