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Open: Tue-Sat 10am-7pm


Enchan-Temps: Inhabiting the Earth – Intimate Archaeology

Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Marais, Paris

Sat 4 Feb 2023 to Sat 6 May 2023

Artists: Dani Karavan - Jean-Paul Philippe

Installation Views

From the first constructions made in raw earth nearly 11,000 years ago to today, raw earth architecture has consistently developed across the continents: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Peru, North and Central America, Africa… At a time when we are thinking deeply about local “zero-carbon” resources, earth and stone no longer seem inert, appearing on the contrary to be innovative materials that take on meaning in architectural and artistic creations. The word EARTH expresses ideas of both materiality and intimacy, with this double notion of interiority and exteriority, of a container. As for STONE, it is a landscape of memory, in its immobility as in its silence, in that it crystallizes space and offers up condensed time, inviting simultaneously the Always and the Moment. Earth and Stone are thus living materials bringing the outside inside, making us feel something obvious that is specific to the work of Dani Karavan and Jean-Paul Philippe, both sculptors of a timeless Presence in the work. Inhabiting the Earth – Intimate Archaeology can then coexist.

Véronique Jaeger

(…) From my house, I could see the sunrise over the mountains surrounding Jerusalem. At the time, it was at the edge of the construction of Tel Aviv, now it’s in the city center. There were only a few houses, then sand. Most of the time I walked barefoot; it was these different sensations that marked me, the very hot sand, the wet sand. I think I created my first bas-reliefs with my feet (…)
I work in order to invite people to communicate with the environment, the materials, memory, themselves.

Dani Karavan

The stone I work with absorbs a whole range of sensations, of emotions perceived here and there, landscapes of memory, fragments of voyages… Under my hand, it seems like a need to give back. Perhaps it’s the obligation of memory? A passport to immobility? Stone is silence. Choosing this material over any other, choosing to approach stone, is already approaching silence… Stone is memory. (…)

Jean-Paul Philippe

ENCHAN-TEMPS : a cycle of three exhibitions around space, time, environment, enchantment.

From February 4, to mid-May 2023
Inhabiting the Earth – Intimate Archaeology [Habiter la Terre – Archéologie intérieure]
Opening Saturday February 4, 2023

May – September, 2023
The Eyes of the Sky [Les Yeux du Ciel]

October – December 2023
The Breath of Here – The Water Beyond [Le Souffle d’Ici – L’Eau de là]

Exhibition view "Enchan-Temps : Habiter la Terre, Archéologie Intérieure (Inhabiting the Earth - Intimate Archaeology)", Dani Karavan - Jean-Paul Philippe, 2023, Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Marais, Paris © Hervé Abbadie, Courtesy Jeanne Bucher Jaeger

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