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Open: Wed-Sat. Private viewings by appointment

440 Julia Street, LA 70130, New Orleans, United States
Open: Wed-Sat. Private viewings by appointment


Dean Fox


Artist : Dean Fox

440 Julia Street, LA 70130 Dean Fox

Wed-Sat. Private viewings by appointment


The Remission of Dreams, 2021

Oil on canvas
60 x 60 inches

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(b. 1979, United Kingdom)

Born in London, Dean Fox studied fine art and illustration at the prestigious Central Saint Martins school of art and design. Following his degree, Fox pursued a career as a visualiser, producing visual story boards and conceptual art within the advertising and gaming sector. This experience fostered his professional approach to his artistic practice, while it enabled him to hone his skills as a draftsman and knowledge of anatomy, which would later play out within his own creativity. After many years as a visualiser, and with the passion to push his own creativity, Fox returned to his roots of traditional oil painting. His work generally plays on deconstructing classical themes, minimalising the subjects and abstracting them. These approaches combined with desaturated colour palettes lead to a beautiful exploration and reinvention of his passion for classical art. The interplay of complementaries between abstraction and objectivity in Fox’s work is always the central focus and he feels strongly that this balance is important through all aspects of art and life in general.

Drawing inspiration from da Vinci, Classicism and the Baroque, Fox’s evocative new works explore unknown places blurred between our present moment and the past, the transience of time. These exceptional works, blending muted and minimalist fields of color with sweeping gestures and hints of stories untold, unveil a sublime sense of contemporary classicism.

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