Daniel Canogar: Hidden Tides

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Open: Wed-Fri noon-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm

Angensteinerstrasse 37, CH - 4052, Basel, Switzerland
Open: Wed-Fri noon-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm


Daniel Canogar: Hidden Tides


Daniel Canogar: Hidden Tides
to Sat 29 Jan 2022
Wed-Fri noon-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm
Artist: Daniel Canogar

Wilde presents Daniel Canogar’s first solo show in Basel, “Hidden Tides”. The exhibition merges the fields of data and obsolete technology with the artist’s new series “Latencies” in contrast with his generative animations on screen.


“Latencies” uses obsolete, broken or crushed technologies found in e-waste treatment centres placed on screens. The found technologies become reactivated by the animations and light that emerge from the screens, revealing the spirit these devices once had when they were fully operational. The series is trying to bridge the gap between analogue and digital technologies, and better understand the transition from material-based media to intangible, cloud-based media.

The series of works on screen feature generative animations composed from real-time data from diverse themes. As generative artworks, these aesthetic compositions never repeat themselves and aims to capture the ceaseless ebb and flow of data that touches us in more ways than we can imagine. For this exhibition, the artist will also present new wallpaper works as a display for the stills from this generative animations.

Daniel Canogar was born in 1964 in Madrid, Spain. Canogar’s fascination with the technological history of optical devices inspired him to create his own projection devices. Canogar projects large-scale video animations on emblematic monuments and historic buildings in cities across the globe. By conquering the buildings, they become active participants of a shared history. With the advent of digital technology, Canogar continued re-conceptualizing visual media as sculpture. Canogar’s work aims to activate an engaged viewer, one that experiences seeing as grounded in a moving sentient body.

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