Cydne Jasmin Coleby: Queen Mudda

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Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

3 Hanover Square, W1S 1HD, London, UK
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm


Cydne Jasmin Coleby: Queen Mudda


Cydne Jasmin Coleby: Queen Mudda
to Sat 24 Apr 2021
Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

“All Black women are Queens. This is the heart of the body of work presented by Cydne Jasmin Coleby for Queen Mudda – her celebratory and unabashed first solo show in London.” – Natalie Willis, Curator.

There is a severe exploitation of unseen labour in Black women the world over. In a time where we are contending with severe patriarchy, Coleby gives us a moment to consider the matriarchs of our family lines. Queen Mudda is a celebration of the women and girls in our families – those who have the broadest shoulders and are the backbones of our family lines. Using her family archives and storytelling, we are offered up a moment to consider the ways in which all mothers may be considered queens in their own right. With nods to Rococo, but also to the hyper-embellishment of the Caribbean and African diaspora, we are at once given the frills and ruffles of the Baroque period, alongside the vibrating patterns of African wax print fabric, Junkanoo, and Carnival. Performance is the undercurrent of this work: the performance of womanhood, of respectability, of being. In a world where being is appearing, Coleby offers the matriarchs of her family line the opportunity to appear as elevated as the care they give.

by Natalie Willis, Curator of Queen Mudda

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