Is this Intimacy?

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Open: Wed-Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat 11am-2pm

Schottenfeldgasse 45, 1070, Vienna, Austria
Open: Wed-Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat 11am-2pm


Is this Intimacy?


Is this Intimacy?
to Sat 2 Nov 2019
Wed-Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat 11am-2pm

Special event:
Curatorial Walk-through and Artist Talk with Bernadette Anzengruber. Saturday 26 October, 12noon

In the framework of the 5th edition of Curators’ Agenda in collaboration with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, BLOCKFREI presents a mutual group exhibition taking place at KRINZINGER PROJEKTE.

Curated by Anna Mikaela Ekstrand, Carlota Mir, Chiarina Chen, Katrina Longo, Lina Romanukha, Valeria Schiller
Curatorial supervision and guidance by Anamarija Batista

Is This Intimacy? is an experimental exhibition showcasing the work of eleven artists, curated and produced by six international curators. Responding to the subject of ‘intimacy in the era of global connections,’ the exhibition presents a collage of ideas and investigates the tensions in situating and searching for intimacy today, its challenges and triumphs. Taking inspiration from the 2018 ‘Is this a pigeon?’ meme, which has become a saturated illustration conveying enigmas of confusion, the title contextualizes the chosen field of reference.

Intimacy can be understood as not only the closeness to other(s) or the self but also to places, things, and space. An important focus present in several exhibited artworks is technology and how, through digitalization, it seeps into our daily lives blurring the boundaries between virtual/real, organic/inorganic, human/nonhuman, as we are desperately seeking to connect.
Works by Alfredo Ledesma Quintana, Anna Lerchbaumer, Anne-Clara Stahl, Bernadette Anzengruber, Darja Shatalova, Eva Rybářová, Laura Stoll, Maximiliane Leni Armann, Mona Radziabari, Paula Flores, and Veronika Abigail Beringer explore how we produce, seek, or avoid intimacy through language, flows of affect, communicational modes, capital, love, heritage, and technology. How do we form intimate moments with ourselves and others? How do we create distance or intimacy with our personal histories, and how do we create new intimate publics in an environment dominated by affective capital and ‘successful’ images of public intimacy?

As a prelude to the exhibition, a performance “Rapport (2019)” by Laura Stoll took place on the 19th of October, at Villa Schapira.

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