conversation piece
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conversation piece @ Paul Stolper, London

Wed 3 Apr 2019 to Sat 4 May 2019

conversation piece @ Paul Stolper

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Open: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat noon-6pm

31 Museum Street, WC1A 1LH, London, UK
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat noon-6pm


conversation piece


conversation piece
to Sat 4 May 2019
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat noon-6pm

conversation piece


painting or object whose unusual quality makes it a topic of conversation reflecting the peculiarities of the geographic and cultural space in which it was made

conversation piece Paul Stolper

image details
Bactria-Margiana stone disc tablets Afghanistan, c.3000–1500 BC, 25.9cm x 4.1cm. Before the 2nd millennium BC, Afghanistan was populated by nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes. Advances in tool manufacture, crop production and the domestication of animals brought about the advent of urbanisation. With these small townships came burial sites and all the rituals associated with them. Tablets of various shapes, arranged along the length of the body on both sides, have been discovered in the graves of excavated burial sites. Their exact meaning and significance is unknown, but it is likely that they served a ritual purpose as symbols denoting a rite of passage / Damien Hirst ‘The Cure – Frigate, Chocolate, Rose Pink’ 2014 silkscreen on Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm. Edition of 15. 72 x 51 cm / Damien Hirst Clear polyurethane resin ‘Sudafed PE Sinus’ 2014. Edition of 30. length 30cm x diameter 13cm

works in show l to r
Damien Hirst silkscreen prints ‘Souls’ 2010 / Sarah Hardacre beer can, butterfly ‘Marie’ 2017

Brian Eno lenticulars ‘Helical’ (left), ‘Helical’ (right) 2019 / Alistair Mackie snakeskin, aluminium tube ‘A.C.R.O.N.Y.M’ 2013

Sarah Lucas concrete ‘Pie’ 2002 / Simon Patterson acrylic on canvas ‘Zoetrope’ 1997

Keith Coventry oil on canvas ‘Junk’ 2002 / Ceramic formella Sicily 19th century

Damien Hirst silkscreen prints ‘The Cure – Frigate, Chocolate, Rose Pink’ 2014 / Bactria-Margiana stone disc tablets Afghanistan, c.3000–1500 BC

Genesis P-Orridge collage ‘Happy Birthday Mark’ 1979 / Marcus Harvey glazed stoneware ‘Sandcastle’ 2018

Red-figure Owl Skyphos, Apulian 1st half of 4th c. BC / Susie Hamilton acrylic on canvas ‘Bacchanalia 3’ 2019

Anna Blessmann and Peter Saville perspex ‘This exhibit has been temporarily removed and will be returned as soon as possible’ 2013 / Robert Powell wall drawing ‘Closer’ 2019

Jon Savage Selenium print on paper ‘Graffiti under Westway looking up Harrow Road’ 1977 /Shaun Doyle & Mally Mallinson cast bronze ‘Homo Tesco Metro’ 2015

all images © the gallery and the artist(s)

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