Contemporary Showcase: Anime Go

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Open: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm

5/F One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Open: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm


Contemporary Showcase: Anime Go

Auction: Tue 14 Dec - Tue 21 Dec 2021

5/F One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Contemporary Showcase: Anime Go

Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm


Sotheby’s Contemporary Showcase is a series of boutique online auctions that adopt a dynamic “pop-up shop” concept, a fast-paced auction format, and exciting thematic presentations. Each Showcase features a tightly curated assemblage of works and runs for the duration of about one week. With swift turnaround between consignment and sale, the series meets the needs of both sellers and buyers in the rapidly evolving market, while allowing Sotheby’s to continue to bring exciting and ahead-of-the-curve offerings to clientele.


For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact:

+852 2524 8121


For all enquiries please contact:


Max Moore | MAX.MOORE@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 9012

Director, Head of Contemporary Art Sales, Asia


Shea Lam | SHEA.LAM@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8134

Deputy Director, Specialist, Contemporary Art


Heather Kim | HEATHER.KIM@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8138

Deputy Director, Specialist, Contemporary Art


Florence Ho | FLORENCE.HO@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 9007

Specialist, Contemporary Art


Debby Yip | DEBBY.YIP@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8148

Junior Specialist, Contemporary Art


Fiona Leung | FIONA.LEUNG@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 5591

Junior Specialist / Cataloguer, Contemporary Art


Leanne Hong | LEANNE.HONG@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 5520

Junior Cataloguer, Contemporary Art


Please note that as of August 1st 2020, Overhead Premium, a fee payable by all auction buyers in our global salerooms and online sales, will be charged at 1% of the hammer price plus any applicable local taxes. It is an allocation of the overhead costs relating to our facilities, property handling and other administrative expenses. This fee and our Buyer’s Premium rates exclude local taxes and any applicable artist’s resale right.




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