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Contemporary Discoveries | Down the Rabbit Hole

Sotheby’s Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Auction: Wed 22 Feb - Wed 1 Mar 2023

22 February - 1 March 2023 | Hong Kong | full auction details

Effective February 1, 2023, Sotheby's has updated its terms and conditions for all categories globally excluding Wine & Spirits. Please refer to the Conditions of Business located on the relevant sale page for the updated Buyer’s Premium rates.




Sotheby’s Hong Kong is thrilled to announce its first edition of Contemporary Discoveries for 2023, Down the Rabbit Hole! At the onset of the Year of the Rabbit, the auction is a warren of possibilities, presenting a fantastical selection of artworks ranging from paintings to sculptures that act as passageways for collectors, new and seasoned alike, to explore and expand on new horizons in the realm of art collection.


The curated auction unlocks the many ways art can offer a form of escapism from the mundane realities of everyday life, opening up alternative worlds for the elsewhere and the otherwise. Featuring a diverse array of works by sought-after contemporary artists, including Ayako Rokkaku, Chun Kwang-Young, Genieve Figgis, Jordi Ribes, MR., and Tania Marmolejo, the exciting line-up invites you on a journey into realms of fairy-tale whimsy and surreal dreamlands. The childlike playfulness of this eclectic assemblage delves into the relationship between the sublime and the ridiculous, opening up new ways of seeing not only ourselves but also the world around us.


For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact:

+852 2524 8121


For all enquiries please contact:


Alex Branczik | ALEX.BRANCZIK@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8188

Senior Director, Chairman, Modern & Contemporary Art, Asia


Max Moore | MAX.MOORE@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 9012

Director, Head of Contemporary Art Auctions, Asia


Shea Lam | SHEA.LAM@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8134

Deputy Director, Senior Specialist, Head of Evening Sale, Contemporary Art


Florence Ho | FLORENCE.HO@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 9007

Deputy Director, Specialist, Head of Day and Online Sales, Contemporary Art


Debby Yip | DEBBY.YIP@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8148

Specialist, Contemporary Art


Fiona Leung | FIONA.LEUNG@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 5591

Junior Specialist / Cataloguer, Contemporary Art


Laura McKeown | LAURA.MCKEOWN@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 5575

Junior Specialist / Cataloguer, Contemporary Art


Niamh Cullinane | NIAMH.CULLINANE@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 9085

Researcher/Writer, Contemporary Art


Leanne Hong | LEANNE.HONG@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 5520

Junior Cataloguer, Contemporary Art


Cristina Wang | CRISTINA.WANG@SOTHEBYS.COM| +852 2822 9077

Junior NFT Specialist


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