Contemporary Curated: Asia | JAY CHOU x SOTHEBY’S | Day Sale

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Open: By Appointment


Contemporary Curated: Asia | JAY CHOU x SOTHEBY’S | Day Sale

Hong Kong

Contemporary Curated: Asia | JAY CHOU x SOTHEBY’S | Day Sale
Auction: Thu 10 Jun - Tue 22 Jun 2021
By Appointment


Sotheby’s Hong Kong is thrilled to present JAY CHOU x SOTHEBY’S, a major contemporary art auction series this June. Known as the “King of Mandopop”, Jay is an international musician, singer-songwriter, actor and director whose music, stage performances and movies have captured the hearts of millions. As one of the world’s biggest influencers, Jay is also a passionate and avid art collector. JAY CHOU x SOTHEBY’S inaugurates Sotheby’s “Contemporary Curated” series in Asia, and features exceptional works by blue-chip artists and rising stars handpicked by Jay to be offered in a highly anticipated Evening Sale on 18 June, followed by an online Day Sale from 10 – 22 June.


盛夏六月,華語流行曲天王周杰倫將駕臨香港蘇富比,舉辦一系列舉世矚目的當代藝術拍賣。身為音樂人、唱作人、演員及導演的周杰倫早已蜚聲國際,他的音樂創作、舞臺表演及電影風靡萬千粉絲。今次,他挾著在社交媒體上一呼百應的影響力,讓世人見識他身為藝術收藏家的滿腔熱忱。周杰倫 x 蘇富比將為蘇富比的「Contemporary Curated: Asia」系列拉開華麗序章,呈獻由周杰倫親自挑選的藝術名家及新星傑作。晚間拍賣將於6月18日隆重舉槌,網上專場拍賣將於6月10日至22日接受競投。

For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact:

+852 2524 8121


For all enquiries please contact:


Yuki Terase | YUKI.TERASE@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 9012

Senior Director, Head of Contemporary Art, Asia


Michele Chan | MICHELE.CHAN@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 5510

Deputy Director, Head of Research, Contemporary Art


Shea Lam | SHEA.LAM@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8134

Deputy Director, Specialist, Contemporary Art


Heather Kim | HEATHER.KIM@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8138

Specialist, Contemporary Art


Florence Ho | FLORENCE.HO@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 9007

Specialist, Contemporary Art


Fiona Leung | FIONA.LEUNG@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 5591

Junior Specialist / Cataloguer, Contemporary Art


Debby Yip | DEBBY.YIP@SOTHEBYS.COM | +852 2822 8148

Junior Specialist, Contemporary Art


Please note that as of August 1st 2020, Overhead Premium, a fee payable by all auction buyers in our global salerooms and online sales, will be charged at 1% of the hammer price plus any applicable local taxes. It is an allocation of the overhead costs relating to our facilities, property handling and other administrative expenses. This fee and our Buyer’s Premium rates exclude local taxes and any applicable artist’s resale right.



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