CONDO London: Hosting Deborah Schamoni, Munich. Judith Hopf, Jonathan Penca
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CONDO London: Hosting Deborah Schamoni, Munich. Judith Hopf, Jonathan Penca @ Hollybush Gardens, London

Sat 11 Jan 2020 to Sat 8 Feb 2020

CONDO London: Hosting Deborah Schamoni, Munich. Judith Hopf, Jonathan Penca @ Hollybush Gardens

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Open: Fri-Sat 11am-6pm by appointment

1–2 Warner Yard, EC1R 5EY, London, UK
Open: Fri-Sat 11am-6pm by appointment


CONDO London: Hosting Deborah Schamoni, Munich. Judith Hopf, Jonathan Penca


CONDO London: Hosting Deborah Schamoni, Munich. Judith Hopf, Jonathan Penca
to Sat 8 Feb 2020
Fri-Sat 11am-6pm by appointment

Deborah Schamoni presents new works by Judith Hopf and Jonathan Penca at Hollybush Gardens for Condo London 2020.

Hollybush Gardens Condo Deborah Schamoni 1

Hollybush Gardens Condo Deborah Schamoni 2

Hollybush Gardens Condo Deborah Schamoni 3

The three paper works by Judith Hopf relate to her series of brick-stone sculptures. The red-brick sculptures represent oversized pears, cut-out circles, walls or spheres which find themselves in a fluid transition between the sculptural and the architectural. Through the fusion of common recognizable forms and construction materials Judith Hopf creates a new perspective on the relationship between the social environment and the humanity. The paper works are however reduced to black and white representation of the sculptures in an abstract space including geometrical forms which correlate with the forms of the brick-stone objects.

Judith Hopf (*1969) lives and works in Berlin. She is a professor at the Städelschule, State Academy for Fine Arts, Frankfurt/Main since 2008.
Hopf presented recently solo exhibitions at Metro Pictures (2019) KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2018), SMK – National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen (2018), Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2017) and at Museion Bozen, Bolzano (2016). Judith Hopf has participated in numerous international group exhibitions among others at Marta Herford Museum (2019) Kunsthaus Hamburg and GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen (2018), South London Gallery, London (2018), Mudam Luxembourg, Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg (2017), La Biennale de Montréal, Montreal (2016), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima, Peru (2015), the 8th Liverpool Biennial, Liverppol (2014), SculptureCenter, Long Island City, New York (2014) and at dOCUMENTA13, Kassel (2012).

Jonathan Penca studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt in the class of Judith Hopf. He works with different media, including sculpture, painting, video and performance which are often characterized by a queer perspective on different topics from natural sciences to popular culture.

Recent solo exhibitions include Loggia, Munich (2019), whole-year-fee-ding, Camera Matteotti, Vienna (2016) and Fates Graces and Sorrows mit Flaka Haliti, Studio Nihil Baxter, Berlin (2014)

KAT This time around we gotta look everything right Kat! KAT Absolutely Kat! Lick and reflect. Uhm, look! /……………./ KAT …so Kat, the distinction between leo and leopard is simple …but not necessarily understandable.
KAT I knoooow, it’s not about the body shape, wether a mane is present or not, but just about wether the animal looks at the viewer or not. Kat, Isn’t this color too much? KAT If the viewer is looked at by the animal it is a leopard, if the gaze is sideways, it is a lion. And you need to look as though you’d eat the street in front of you! KAT Yeah like a solid Kat would!
/…………………………./ KAT A rising lion that looks at the viewer is called lionized leopard. A striding lion looking sideways is called a leopardized lion. I’m talking now about a striding animal, standing on three feet, the forefoot raised, the inner hindfoot set a little forward, the tail struck backward over it’s back. It’s hard to imagine to fit in this thing, much less to move in it.. one would have to be liquid almost.. Did I say leo? I meant lion.
KAT No no, you said lion. I can barely keep me together. What about a panther though? KAT Didn’t see this one coming!
KAT A panther, where?? KAT No, THAT guy. /…/ Anyhow, a panther is portrayed as a fire-spitting, rather slender, sometimes winged mythical creature who has nothing to do with the lion or leopard. KAT But they all belong to Panthera right? KAT Yes sure we’re only talking heraldic looks of big cats now. I LOVE that color, it looks dangerous! We’re on a rampage to stun every sense! KAT You’re damn solid Kat
KAT You too Kat
Jonathan Penca

Courtesy of the artists, Deborah Schamoni, Munich and Hollybush Gardens, London. Photo: Andy Keate.

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