Hiroe Komai + Colin Smith

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Open: Temporary Closure

24 Howie Street, SW11 4AY, London, UK
Open: Temporary Closure


Hiroe Komai + Colin Smith


Hiroe Komai + Colin Smith
to Sat 14 Mar 2020
Temporary Closure

JGM Gallery presents the work of Hiroe Komai and Colin Smith for this exhibition – two quite different artists in material approach, but with closer consideration, there is a synergy in Smith’s and Komai’s relationship to subject and specifically object.

JGM Gallery Hiroe Komai Colin Smith 1

JGM Gallery Hiroe Komai Colin Smith 2

JGM Gallery Hiroe Komai Colin Smith 3

JGM Gallery Hiroe Komai Colin Smith 4

JGM Gallery Hiroe Komai Colin Smith 5

JGM Gallery Hiroe Komai Colin Smith 6

In several of his recent paintings (2019) Colin has deliberately abstracted a series of works representing rows of bold, colourful fabric bolts. While retaining his signature colour palette and command of oil paint, the works have a luminescent patina. These more abstract works are a delightful diversion against Smith’s paintings of more detailed renderings of various, luscious items of clothing hanging in wardrobes that thrill the senses while retaining the essence of subject. Among my favourite paintings are the more monochromatic works of oversized and seemingly suspended overcoats and shirts.

Hiroe Komai is exhibiting a body of work she made in 2013. Her meticulous bronze renderings of everyday, utilitarian objects – tools and books, nails and pencils that Hiroe has used in her art practice over the years, and very much loved, have been immortalised in her distinctive life size works. The process and care in her approach make these monuments to her making and are an honouring of her artistic life.


Courtesy of the artists and JGM Gallery, London

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