Christiane Löhr: In Folge

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Open: Wed-Sun 10.30am-1pm, 3-7pm

Via Stamperia, 9, IT-10066, Torre Pellice (Turin), Italy
Open: Wed-Sun 10.30am-1pm, 3-7pm


Christiane Löhr: In Folge

Torre Pellice (Turin)

Christiane Löhr: In Folge
to Sun 28 Jul 2019
Wed-Sun 10.30am-1pm, 3-7pm

Tucci Russo Studio per l’Arte Contemporanea presents the third solo show by the German artist Christiane Löhr, the first being in 2014.

Tucci Russo Christiane Lohr 1

Tucci Russo Christiane Lohr 2

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Christiane Löhr’s creative process centres around form in space. The artist uses the natural environment from which she gathers seeds, stems and horsehair that are structured into both slender sculptures and environmental installations. Extrapolated from their original context the organic materials are then reprocessed into autonomous works which, though continuing to reflect the natural life cycle from which they have been alienated, cross over the transitoriness of time.

The exhibition consists of sculptures and drawings on paper in various format.

One of the spaces in the gallery is dedicated to a large size work: the cloud of seeds penetrates the room from the ceiling and finds its own organic dimension in the geometry of the room, exploiting both gravity and the type of seeds in order to create form and volume.

Christiane Löhr’s small and medium sculptures bring nature and civilisation into dialogue: they follow geometrical forms linked to the physical world and, consequently, to architecture.
The concepts of space and of proportion are among the main features of Christiane Löhr’s work, concepts also widely identifiable in the drawings, where the black sign explores the potentialities of the empty field of the sheet. The lines move sinuously, setting out from a point and, increasing, winding over the paper support and subsequently proceeding mentally beyond it.

Christiane Löhr (Wiesbaden, Germany, 1965) lives between Prato and Cologne. After taking her diploma at the Kunstakademie of Düsseldorf with Jannis Kounellis, she continued her studies by completing an MA with the maestro in 1996. Her works are included in important private and museum collections such as Collezione Panza di Biumo and Collezione Gori – Fattoria di Celle. Among her numerous exhibitions we may mention those at: Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, Germany, 2018; MAGA, Gallarate (VA), Italy, 2017; MART, Rovereto (TN), Italy, 2017; Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz, Switzerland, 2016; Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka, Japan, 2015; Villa Panza, Varese, Italy, 2010; Centro di Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy, 2001. In 2001 she took part in the 49th Exhibition of International Art – Biennale di Venezia curated by Harald Szeemann, exhibiting at the Arsenale. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious Pino Pascali Prize for the 25th edition at the Foundation of the same name.

Courtesy of the artist and Tucci Russo - Studio per l’Arte Contemporanea, Torre Pellice

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