Choi Minhwa: Once Upon a Time

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14, Samcheong-ro, Jungno-gu, 03062 Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
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Choi Minhwa: Once Upon a Time


Choi Minhwa: Once Upon a Time
to Sun 11 Oct 2020
By Appointment

Gallery Hyundai presents Choi Minhwa’s solo exhibition Once Upon a Time. It is the first exhibition composed entirely of the artist’s new series developed since the late 1990s.

Often known as a critical figure of Minjung art, Choi contributed to the improvement and dispersion of late 20th century figurative painting through his Vagrancy (1976-1988) and Pink (1989~1999) series. His ambitious new series, Once Upon a Time, proposes a new possibility that widely expands the spectrum of humanistic imagination. It focuses on the ancient history and myth of Korea while inspired by sources encompassing world art history including mural paintings from tombs of the Koguryo Dynasty, folk paintings from the Joseon Dynasty, Buddhist paintings, Renaissance paintings, and religious Hindu and Muslim paintings.

Choi’s elegant and delicate visual language vividly narrates stories of the ancient times such as a king born in an egg, a bear and a tiger that only ate garlic and mugwort to become humans, an Indian princess who crossed the ocean under divine revelation, humans who metamorphosed to animals during battle, an old man who fetched a flower by the cliff, and friendship between a goblin and a human. Encountering the space-time of antiquity through Choi’s work, viewers will experience the possibilities within this ‘contemporary history of painting.’

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