Chiachio & Giannone: Paradise

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Open: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

6830 Santa Monica Boulevard, CA 90038, Los Angeles, United States
Open: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm


Chiachio & Giannone: Paradise

to Sat 30 Jul 2022

6830 Santa Monica Boulevard, CA 90038 Chiachio & Giannone: Paradise

Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

Steve Turner presents Paradise, an exhibition consisting of textile paintings by Chiachio & Giannone that depict the artists and their children (three dachshunds) within festive settings that convey a joyful celebration of life.


Piolín Boogie Woogie, 2012

Hand embroidery with cotton threads, silk, rayon and jewelry effect on Hermés linen towel
60 5/8 x 55 7/8 inches (154 x 142 cm)

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Lyonnais, 2016

Hand embroidery with cotton threads and jewelry effect on fabric
58 1/4 x 48 inches (148 x 122 cm)

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Retrato de familia, 2022

Hand embroidery with cotton threads and patchwork on fabric
16 1/2 x 39 3/4 inches (42 x 101 cm)

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Retrato con rosas, 2022

Hand embroidery with cotton threads, patchwork and quilt on fabric
59 7/8 x 58 5/8 inches (152 x 149 cm)

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Conversación sobre arte, 2022

Hand embroidery with cotton threads and Toile de Jouy fabric on quilt
64 5/8 x 78 3/4 inches (164 x 200 cm)

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Coleccionistas de trapos, 2022

Hand embroidery with cotton threads, patchwork and textiles on quilt
82 5/8 x 74 3/4 inches (210 x 190 cm)

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The duo painstakingly embroidered their invented scenes on canvases revealing their extraordinary perseverance and irreverence in choosing to paint with unconventional materials. They reuse materials from older textiles which they acquire on their many travels. In doing so, old becomes new, and from routine, the artists have built their own paradise stitch by stitch.

Chiachio & Giannone, is a duo of artists formed by Leo Chiachio (born 1969, Buenos Aires) and Daniel Giannone (born 1964, Córdoba) who have been working collaboratively since 2003. They have had numerous solo exhibitions including those at Lux Art Institute, Encinitas, California (2020); Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach (2019); SAPH, Shanghai (2018) and Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires (2017 & 2012). They live and work in Buenos Aires. Paradise is their first solo exhibition with Steve Turner.

Courtesy of the artists and Steve Turner, Los Angeles

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