Carte Blanche to Tomás Saraceno

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13, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116, Paris, France
Open: noon-midnight daily, closed Tue


Carte Blanche to Tomás Saraceno


Carte Blanche to Tomás Saraceno
to Sun 6 Jan 2019
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Palais de Tokyo invites Tomás Saraceno to take over the entirety of the 13,000 m² of its exhibition spaces in Autumn 2018, for the fourth edition of its Cartes Blanches started with Philippe Parreno in 2013, followed by Tino Sehgal in 2016, and Camille Henrot in 2017.

Tomas Saraceno Carte Blanche

Tomas Saraceno’s research sits at the crossroads of art, science and architecture. This Carte Blanche will be his largest project to date, bringing a selection of his major works together with ambitious new productions that will transform Palais de Tokyo into a unique sensory experience.

The exhibition space will become a membrane hosting an aleatory and evolving choreography, where the agents constituting the universe – human and non-human, visible and invisible – reveal themselves as the myriad voices of a living orchestra. Concerned with overtaking human perception by exploring and finding inspiration in that of other beings, Tomás Saraceno reveals a more-than-human world beyond our perspectives, where a polyphony of sounds, movements and vibrations of species and phenomena coexist, from the microscopic to the cosmic.

Exposing this entanglement of the smallest and the largest scales, the exhibition reveals the links built by the artist between dust particles, spider webs, the architecture of cloud cities and the reclaim of the atmosphere through the Aerocene project. Invited to poetically and collectively rethink the way we inhabit the world by looking at the models present in the vast ecosystem of the cosmos, we might thus also reconsider our way of being human.

Tomás Saraceno’s work is the result of a variety of collaborations, and with his Carte Blanche the artist brings together numerous actors, from scientific institutions, research groups, activists, local communities, musicians, philosophers, animals, celestial phenomena and visitors, who are invited to participate in an exhibition imagined as a “cosmic concert”. Supporting and promoting an interconnected culture, the show celebrates new modes of existence and discourse as potential answers to the global challenges posed by the Anthropocene. “Arachno-concerts” performances , publications, workshops and other events come to enrich the exhibition and transform Palais de Tokyo into a space of celebrated new ecology of practices, a composition of interdependencies and networks of resonances between beings.

Curator : Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

all images © the gallery and the artist(s)

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