Cameron Platter: You Look Like Your Face

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Open: 11am-7pm Tue-Sat

5 bis rue des haudriettes, 75003, Paris, France
Open: 11am-7pm Tue-Sat


Cameron Platter: You Look Like Your Face


Cameron Platter: You Look Like Your Face
to Sat 21 Jul 2018
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Born in 1978, Johannesburg. Lives and work in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

“In a society where the majority wants to be a celeb and even leaders act like shallow celebrities, what we lack is a counter culture. Money and cool are worshipped, developing from the chaps who kill for cellphones so that they achieve cool by being feared and ability to buy lots of booze incrementally succeeding to cool by having the flashiest cars, apparel, women and booze.” William Sithonga.

Cameron Platter mines everyday subjects in order to incite new meanings amongst issues considered marginal. Through drawing, sculpture, tapestry, ceramic and video he re-conceptualizes the fringes of South African’s popular culture bringing intense sociopolitical themes to the fore through a deceptively simple visual language. Considering his corpus of drawings as an extended series, Platter’s works embody a philosophical way of living and thinking, as a meditation on detritus, consumers, and morality-all channeled into a constellation that examines contemporary excess. At once optimistic, cynical, and bizarre Platter’s works put forth a sincere effort to investigate the confused, problematic circumstances of modernity.

His work appears in the permanent collection of MOMA, New York;
The FRAC Pays de la Loire, France; the Iziko South African National Gallery; The Margulies Collection, The Zeitz MOCAA Collection, and The New Church Collection. His work has been featured in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Vice Magazine, NKA Journal of Contemporary African Art, The BBC, Utflukt, Art South Africa, and Artforum.

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