Bunny Rogers: Self-Portrait as Clone of Jeanne D’Arc

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Invalidenstraße 50-51, D-10557, Berlin, Germany
Open: temporary closure


Bunny Rogers: Self-Portrait as Clone of Jeanne D’Arc


Bunny Rogers: Self-Portrait as Clone of Jeanne D’Arc
to Sun 18 Apr 2021
temporary closure

Bunny Rogers’ artistic practice is shaped by personal experiences and memories. In her works, the US-American artist deals with sensitivity and vulnerability, friendship and alienation, and plays with concepts of identity. She is often inspired by characters from television series, video games and the Internet.

Like this, Rogers adapts the character Joan of Arc from the cult animated series Clone High, in which a school is populated by clones of historical personalities. In 15 prints of her installation Self Portrait as clone of Jeanne d’Arc (2019), she morphs into Joan of Arc’s alter ego in various situations filled with personal and pop-cultural references. In this act of masquerade, Rogers reflects the complexity of youthful femininity, the fear, intensity and narcissism associated with it, and transforms the space into an atmospheric stage of emotions.

The Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin is delighted about the gift of this central work by Bunny Rogers by private donors as a token of gratitude to Udo Kittelmann, the director of the Nationalgalerie, who is leaving in autumn 2020.

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