Botero: Recent works

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Open: Mon-Fri 10am-6.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm


Botero: Recent works


Botero: Recent works
13 Jun -
Artist: Fernando Botero

“What makes watercolor special and different is that the light comes from the whiteness of the support. That’s why some areas in the works are left unpainted. In contrary to that concept, most of the times in the oil paintings the colors cover all the surface.” – Fernando Botero

In this recent series, the artist uses the canvas itself in his artistic palette to comment on painting, instead of obscuring the support. As such, Botero highlights the physicality of the material and likewise his painted bodies, but not in a stark manner, rather a playful and serene celebration of human life and art.

Created in dialogue with European Old Masters and Latin American colonial baroque art, Fernando Botero’s (b. 1932, Medellin) mature works exemplify the artist’s interests and painterly technique. His iconic, voluminous forms are presented here as village musicians, plumb painters, statuesque newlyweds, gratified picnickers, floating ballet dancers and corpulent models.

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