Boilly: Scenes of Parisian Life

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Open: Daily 10am-6pm, Fri 10am-9pm

Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DN, London, UK
Open: Daily 10am-6pm, Fri 10am-9pm


Boilly: Scenes of Parisian Life


Boilly: Scenes of Parisian Life
to Sun 19 May 2019
Daily 10am-6pm, Fri 10am-9pm

Explore revolutionary Paris through Boilly’s daring and playful paintings

Working in a politically turbulent Paris, Louis-Leopold Boilly witnessed the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, and the Restoration of the French Monarchy.

From controversially seductive interior scenes, which saw him get into trouble with the authorities, to ‘first-of-their-kind’ everyday street scenes and clever trompe l’oeils, this exhibition shows Boilly’s daring responses to the changing political environment and art market he encountered, and highlights his sharp powers of observation and wry sense of humour.

Focusing on 20 works from a British private collection never previously displayed or published, this exhibition – the first of its kind in the UK – celebrates an artist who is little known in Britain and provides unparalleled context for our Boilly, A Girl at a Window.

all images © the gallery and the artist(s)

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