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Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet 6, 1003, Lausanne, Switzerland
Open: Tue-Fri 10am-6.30pm, Sat 11am-5.30pm


Ben Arpéa: As the days go by

Fabienne Levy, Lausanne

Thu 25 May 2023 to Mon 31 Jul 2023

Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet 6, 1003 Ben Arpéa: As the days go by

Tue-Fri 10am-6.30pm, Sat 11am-5.30pm

Artist: Ben Arpea

Fabienne Levy presents the first exhibition of the French artist Ben Arpéa in Switzerland.

Installation Views

The artist's work is rooted in art history; from classical still life painting to minimalism. The artist prioritizes the essential by utilizing simplified geometric forms and vibrant colors. Ben mixes materials and always seeks an almost sculptural dimension. The liveliness of the flat colors and stylized forms remind us of the works of Matisse. The representation of "man-made" geometric patterns evokes a Constructivist aesthetic. As for his sculptures, they seem like paintings taken out from their canvases.

This first exhibition is an experiment around the theme of time. Two temporalities are opposed: cosmic time, evoked by the eternal cycle of the sun, always present in his paintings, and human time, marked by everyday gestures. His works also emphasize the persistence of objects that accompany us throughout our existence, crossing the years, like silent sentinels of our past.

Ben Arpéa's paintings invite us to rediscover these everyday objects, which, despite their banal appearance, have an emotional resonance within us. Pots, vases, and tables, are all recurring motifs in the artist's paintings, which bring us back to the still lifes of the great painters who came before him. The human figure is absent, but the forms provide us clues of its presence.

The artist also presents sculptures that reproduce his paintings' elements and deploy them into space. In this way, he achieves a new level of abstraction while continuing his experimentation with materials.

In an often chaotic and oppressive world, his paintings offer a sense of clarity and simplicity. In a world where we are bombarded with stimuli from all sides - from social networks to advertising to the constant flow of media - it is easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Ben Arpéa's works have a timeless quality that transcends eras and trends, offering a break from the tumult of modern life.

French artist, Ben Arpéa lives and works in Paris. Born in a family of art lovers and collectors, Ben Arpéa has been immersed in a rich artistic environment since childhood, where he began to create, draw and paint. Ben Arpéa gained recognition in 2020 with a series of paintings in which he developed a singular artistic language made of geometric abstraction evolving towards the semi-figurative, using flat areas of color and texture. He pays homage to the figures of modern and contemporary art that he admires - Tom Wesselmann, David Hockney, Jonas Wood, André Breton - and is fully part of a new generation of creators from art, design and fashion, celebrating color and material in a simple and immediate relationship with the times. Anchored in a dreamlike dimension, oscillating between semi-figurative and abstract expressionism, Ben Arpéa's work questions the century-old motifs and canons of classical landscape and still life, reinterpreted through a contemporary artistic language.

Courtesy of the artist and Fabienne Levy. Photo: © substancemat

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