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Circuito Frida Kahlo 303 L-16, Hacienda de La Sierra, Garza García, N.L., 66278, Monterrey, Mexico
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-1.30pm & 3pm-8pm


Ash Keating: Perceptual Fields

Colector Oriente, Monterrey

Artist: Ash Keating

Installation Views

Ash Keating is an Australian contemporary artist born in 1982.

His practice has always hinged on balance. The balance between viscosity and gravity, form and space, saturation and value, control and chaos. Keating is known for his highly explosive, kinetic process wherein paint is applied through an airless spray gun at high velocity. Early in his career, this effect was accomplished with punctured aerosol cans that Keating used to color Melbourne’s urban streetscape.

Ash style blends action painting with art performance, the latter of which is most apparent in the physicality required for his large outdoor murals and site-specific projects. His works on canvas drive him to continue innovating his process, finding new ways to keep himself at a distance at a more compact scale to maintain his signature raw emotive power. His outdoor murals and canvas works have appeared internationally, including the National Gallery of Australia (NGA), National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Latrobe University of Modern Art, Art Gallery of Ballarat and Museum of Contemporary Art’s C3West (MCA).

Courtesy of the artist and Colector

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