Haroon Mirza / hrm199: For A Partnership Society
Haroon Mirza / hrm199: For A Partnership Society @ Zabludowicz Collection, London
Thu 28 Sep 2017 to Sun 17 Dec 2017
Haroon Mirza / hrm199: For A Partnership Society @ Zabludowicz Collection

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Open: noon-6pm Thurs-Sun

176 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 3PT, London, UK
Open: noon-6pm Thurs-Sun


Haroon Mirza / hrm199: For A Partnership Society

Haroon Mirza / hrm199: For A Partnership Society
to Sun 17 Dec 2017

Special Events:
*Curator Tour: Elizabeth Neilson. Saturday 16 December, 4pm-5pm
*In Residence: Shiva Feshareki and Nik Void. Saturday 16 December, 7pm-9pm

Zabludowicz Collection presents its 2017 Annual Commission with British artist Haroon Mirza and his studio, hrm199. This exhibition marks the tenth anniversary of the Collection at its London home of 176 Prince of Wales Road.

Haroon Mirza hrm199, Pathological Theology, 2017

Zabludowicz Collection Haroon Mirza 2

Zabludowicz Collection Haroon Mirza 3

Haroon Mirza hrm199, The System, 2013

Zabludowicz Collection Haroon Mirza 5

Zabludowicz Collection Haroon Mirza 6

Haroon Mirza hrm199, Chamber for Endogenous DMT (Collapsing the Wave Function), 2017

For this new exhibition, Haroon Mirza delves into our understanding of the relationship between matter and consciousness, truth and belief. He creates unique physical experiences at the intersection of art, architecture, sculpture, sound and music. Each of the four works respond in some way to the building, artworks and context of the Collection.

For a Partnership Society centres on the notion that coexistence is a vital and positive force in a healthy society. The title is derived from a theory proposed in 1987 by American scholar and activist Raine Eisler. She described opposing social structures: the dominator model, namely matriarchy or patriarchy, and the partnership model based on the principle of linking rather than ranking. Her ideas were later taken up by Terence McKenna in his exploration of human evolution and our relationship to psychoactive plants. “Eilser believes that the tension between partnership and dominator organisations and the overexpression of the dominator model are responsible for our alienation from nature, from ourselves and from each other.”

Throughout the exhibition various modes of partnership are attempted – from the invitation to creative practitioners of different disciplines to produce new works within the exhibition – to Mirza’s curation of a new installation incorporating existing art works by others alongside his own, and a new video made with one of the founders of the Collection. In these ways Mirza continually attempts to breakdown traditional or prescribed roles to expose the realities and complexities of working together.

The exhibition is structured around the re-imagining of two major works owned by the Zabludowicz Collection: The System, 2014 and Adam, Eve, others and a UFO, 2013. The System, originally a three-room installation first shown in Mirza’s solo exhibition Are Jee Bee? at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 2014, is made almost entirely from left over elements produced by museums interpretation department for the exhibition that preceded his, a retrospective of the Irish designer and architect Eileen Gray. The sense of merging and building upon what is already there is extended here in the form of short creative residencies culminating in fortnightly performances that respond to the open structure of work and space.

Mirza has also created a new installation entitled Pathological Theology, 2017 which incorporates five existing works from the Zabludowicz Collection by Steven Claydon, Rachel Maclean, Sonny Sanjay Vadgama, Stan VanDerBeek and Mirza’s own work, Adam, Eve, Others & the UFO, 2013.

Alongside these are two works never seen in the UK: 9/11-11/9 Fear of the Unknown, 2017 and a new commission: Chamber for Endogenous DMT (Collapsing the Wave Function), 2017. This new commission takes the form of a sensory deprivation chamber and will be used for examining the inherent potential for the human body to create and experience altered states of consciousness. Mirza in partnership with researchers from Greenwich University and Imperial College will be inviting visitors to participate in a unique study during the show.

Editions made by Haroon Mirza and Gaia Fugazza will be available for purchase in October and a specially produced publication designed by Burgess & Beech will be launched in spring 2018 exploring the issues raised by the exhibition and the new works that have been produced.

2017 Annual Commission: Haroon Mirza / hrm199: For A Partnership Society is curated by Elizabeth Neilson, Director, Zabludowicz Collection, the Public Programme is curated by Antonia Blocker, Curator: Public Progammes, Zabludowicz Collection.

Chamber for Endogenous DMT (Collapsing the Wave Function), 2017 is supported by iKoustic: The Sound Solution to Noise

hrm199 is the studio of Haroon Mirza and was recently awarded the 2018 CERN residency in Switzerland. Haroon Mirza is represented worldwide by Lisson Gallery


Public Programme

Thursday 5 October, 7pm
In Residence: Studio Wayne McGregor
The first of four onsite residencies, dancers from Studio Wayne McGregor use the space as a studio and the works as collaborators to produce a new performance in response to the installation.

Friday 6 October, 4pm
Screen Grab: Collecting Film & Video
Spanning five decades, this screening reveals the breadth and diversity of recent moving image practice, as represented in the Julia Stoschek and Zabludowicz Collections. A conversation with Julia Stoschek and Anita Zabludowicz gives insight into their approaches. This event takes place offsite at the Everyman Cinema, Baker Street.

Thursday 19 October, 7pm
Sculptural Sounds: Laura Buckley & Franziska Lantz
An ethereal evening of light and sound with new live works devised by the artists. More details coming soon.

Saturday 28 October, 7pm
In Residence: Okkyung Lee
After three days in the exhibition, the cellist, improviser, and composer Okkyung Lee presents a site-specific performance of her genre-blurring work as part of a series of residencies taking place in the gallery spaces.

Thursday 16 November, 7pm
TOMAGA & Rosana Antolí
Playing with familiar tropes, the duo and artist collaborate for the first time, pushing audience expectations of sound, movement and duration to create an immersive psychedelic experience.

Saturday 25 November, 7pm
In Residence: Julie Cunningham & Company
Drawing on a practice influenced by pop music and spoken word, the choreographer will present a new work, created in response to the exhibition and the unique architecture of the gallery, alongside an existing solo piece.

Photography: Tim Bowditch. Courtesy Zabludowicz Collection
Photography: Tim Bowditch. Courtesy Zabludowicz Collection

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