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Boccanera Gallery, Milan presents the preview MYNAMEISANDREAFONTANARI with the artist Andrea Fontanari.

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Boccanera Gallery opens the season in Milan with the Preview of the first solo exhibition by Andrea Fontanari, that will take place at Boccanera Gallery, Trento in 2020.

Andrea Fontanari introduces himself. He tells us to enter his world made of big canvases, broad brushstrokes that cut reality into pieces. Andrea takes us into his daily life, in those gestures that we see every day. The way he paints and the colours want to create a new vision but, at the same time, they remove unnecessary complexity.

The deep intimacy of our actions takes voice in the exhibition project: leading us to look at a lost familiarity, a naked gesture that makes us discover our forgotten humanity. Space and details make us think about a familiar story. The paintings do not want to be theatrical but lead us to ourselves. There is no melancholy; there is the desire to tell the wonder of our interior, touching with our hand the depths of our intimacy.

An elegant painting, far from the Italian imaginary, that brings back to a faraway America, with the colours of the cinema. Following a tradition of contemporary painters (from Hockney to Fischl, from Baselitz to Guttuso) Andrea Fontanari lived in those rooms, slept in that bed, observed those stairs, left these places, painted them in the atelier, and gave back extraordinary images that start from a hyper-realistic intent but work by subtraction. Those images give us the feeling of the lights, and the colour brings us in fading dreams.

Andrea Fontanari was born in Trento in 1996. He lives and works between Trento and Venice. He’s graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (2018). He took part in the selection of the five Young Italian artists at the European Contemporary Art Biennale, JCE – Jeune Création Européenne (2017-2019). Recently he was selected at the Artistic Prize of VAF Foundation and he is present in the collection of the foundation (2019). In 2018 he participated in the group show entitled Grenzländer – Terre di confine at Boccanera Gallery in Trento. In 2020 he will present his first solo exhibition at Boccanera Gallery in Trento.

Courtesy Boccanera Gallery Trento/Milano

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