Andrea Fontanari: Knock before entering

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Open: Tue-Sat 2pm-7pm

via Alto Adige 176, 38121, Trento, Italy
Open: Tue-Sat 2pm-7pm


Andrea Fontanari: Knock before entering


Andrea Fontanari: Knock before entering
to Sat 23 Jan 2021
Tue-Sat 2pm-7pm

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Boccanera Gallery Trento presents the first solo exhibition of Andrea Fontanari (Trento, 1996).

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The exhibition entitled Knock before entering, curated by Giovanna Nicoletti, tells, through about fifteen paintings on canvas of different sizes, of the “beautiful paint of the young artist, placing his pictorial research within the figurative representation that, starting from the expressionist avant-gardes of the early twentieth century, transforms contemporary representation through the decomposition of form and the dynamic vibration of color”.

Since his first works dated 2015, Andrea Fontanari has shown a keen interest in the description of the ordinary. Figures or objects are almost trivial in their definition as ‘trivial’, the author seems to be saying, it is the ordinary world of the mass media.
In Andrea Fontanari’s works, characterized by close sequences and a hyper-realistic vision, everything seems to be possible. Every single element seems to work in the sequences of images where the slowness of the pictorial practice seems to counteract the speed of the present. What the artist offers us is a parallel universe that, as the curator writes in the text of the catalog, we can only observe by opening the door after knocking.

Andrea Fontanari was born in Trento in 1996. He lives and works between Trento and Venice.
In 2017 he was selected among the five Italian artists under 35 to participate in the JCE traveling Biennial of European contemporary art.
In 2019 he was selected for the VAF Foundation Artistic Award.

Courtesy of the artist and Boccanera

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