Aljoscha: peak experience

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Margaretenstraße 5/19, 1040, Vienna, Austria
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Aljoscha: peak experience


Aljoscha: peak experience
to Sun 25 Nov 2018
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Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art presents the exhibition “peak experience” by Aljoscha, the artist’s first comprehensive solo presentation in Vienna.

Beck Eggeling Aljoscha

Aljoscha, born Aleksey Alekseyevich Potupin in Glukhov, Ukraine, in 1974, deals with topics such as biology and the doctrines of life and bioism, which serves as a utopian model of newly conceived life forms, but in his drawings, sculptures and installations also with the great philosophical and scientific questions about life itself. So he says, “I consider art one of the highest human activities. It represents a philosophy to me, maybe even a religion. In this sense, I try to create an aesthetic utopia. ”

His filigree, futuristic-looking acrylic objects and installations made of pigmented acrylic glass have a sculptural and painterly character. Here, drawing and painting play an essential role, which are at the beginning of his artistic work process. Only experimenting with painting or color has led him into three-dimensionality. The transparency and fragility of the material as well as the ephemeral nature of the form are deliberately chosen because its floating state evokes flexibility and dynamism. Inspired by the organic form of our microcosm, the artist, who is at the same time a scientist, wants to create new relationships rooted in infinity, indescribability and unknownness. The inner appearance radiating “biofuturistic sublimity and happiness” interests him as much as the outer one, where a seemingly arbitrary juxtaposition of individual sculptures turns a larger whole into an organism.

The small sculptures, biological, organic-looking objects are reminiscent at times of the filigree nature of coral or of an aesthetics that can only be found in nature. Aljoscha creates new worlds with his very individual language of forms, asking questions that concern the individual and his freedom and at the same time questions the social processes from a bioethical point of view.

The title of the exhibition “peak experience” is a logical continuation of the theme of the installation “A Biology of Happiness” from 2017, which was realized in the Kunstraum Dornbirn. This term comes from biological studies of human high emotions and unique life experiences, where euphoria and exuberance of feeling, eudemonia and the joy of life as well as idealism play a central role. These terms, which are aesthetically linked to biofuturistic visual experiences, are unique features of this show.

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