AI: More than Human

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Open: Sat-Wed 10am-6pm, Thur-Fri 10am-9pm

Barbican Centre Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS, London, UK
Open: Sat-Wed 10am-6pm, Thur-Fri 10am-9pm


AI: More than Human


AI: More than Human
to Mon 26 Aug 2019
Sat-Wed 10am-6pm, Thur-Fri 10am-9pm

AI: More than Human invites you to explore our relationship with artificial intelligence.

This major centre-wide ‘festival-style’ exhibition explores creative and scientific developments in AI, demonstrating its potential to revolutionise our lives. Bringing together artists, scientists and researchers, this interactive exhibition offers an unprecedented survey of AI with which you are invited to engage head-on.

Experience the capabilities of AI in the form of cutting-edge research projects by DeepMind, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Neri Oxman; and interact directly with exhibits and installations from artists including Mario Klingemann, Massive Attack, Es Devlin and teamLab to experience the possibilities first-hand.

Prepare for your preconceptions of AI to be challenged by this timely exhibition, that reflects on how this technology impacts our very existence.

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