19th Century European Art

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1334 York Avenue, NY 10021, New York, United States
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm


19th Century European Art

New York

19th Century European Art
Auction: Thu 19 May - Thu 26 May 2022
Exhibition: - Wed 25 May 2022
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm


Sotheby’s is pleased to present the May sale of 19th Century European Art, led by the Barbizon, Orientalist, Neoclassical, and Maritime genres. Featuring works by a variety of artists, including several women artists, the offered paintings, drawings, and sculptures represent the rich artistic diversity of the period . With enticing estimates, including property offered without reserve, this sale presents an opportunity for new as well as established collectors to discover this diverse category.


For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact:

+1 212 606 7000



For all enquiries please contact:


Kathryn Kremnitzer, PhD

Associate Vice President, Specialist

19th Century European Paintings 

+1 212 894 1532



Margaret H. Schwartz

Senior Vice President, Co-Worldwide Head

European Sculpture & Works of Art

+1 212 606 7406



Benjamin Doller

Chairman, Americas

Executive Vice President

Impressionist & Modern Art

+1 212 606 7141



Claude Piening

Senior Director, Senior Specialist

19th Century European Paintings

+44 20 7293 5658



Mark Poltimore

Senior Director

Deputy Chairman, Europe

Business Development

+44 20 7293 5200



Simon Toll

Senior Director, Senior Specialist

19th Century British Art

+44 20 7293 5731



Tessa Kostrzewa

Senior Director, Specialist

19th Century Continental Paintings

+44 20 7293 5382



Olivier Lefeuvre

Director, Senior Specialist

Old Master and 19th Century European Paintings

+33 1 5305 5324



Alex Kaplan


19th Century European Paintings, European Works of Art  

+1 212 606 7489



Alexander Kader, FSA

Co Worldwide Head of Department

European Sculpture and Works of Art

+44 20 7293 5493



Christopher Mason

Head of Sale

European Sculpture and Works of Art

+44 20 7293 6062



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