10 Years of Love

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Open: 11am-2pm/3pm-7pm Mon-Fri

Via Amati 13, 51100 Pistoia, Pistoia, Italy
Open: 11am-2pm/3pm-7pm Mon-Fri


10 Years of Love

10 Years of Love
to Sat 15 Sep 2018
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10 Years of Love is not a summer group exhibition but celebrates SpazioA’s 10 years with an event in the company of the friends and artists who have followed and supported the gallery all this time.

SpazioA 10 Years of Love 1

SpazioA 10 Years of Love 2

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SpazioA 10 Years of Love 4

SpazioA 10 Years of Love 5

SpazioA 10 Years of Love 6

In addition to the special show, the celebration promises performances, live music, and a guided tour through the 2017 Italian Capital of Culture, Pistoia, and its masterpieces of the art of the past.

These 10 years of commitment were preceded by the experience of Uscita Pistoia: a non-profit space area outside the city center still in operation.
Those first steps in contact with artists enabled and encouraged the establishment of SpazioA in 2008 at its current venue, an abandoned print shop steps away from Piazza del Duomo in the historic city center.

The event’s title emphatically declares that these were years of passion and principally love for the artists who help us consider our lives and worlds from different points of view every day.

These past 10 years also brim with gratitude to all those whose generosity, friendship, and expertise contributed to this marvellous adventure, and to whom we promise to show the same professional commitment, love, and dedication we show artists for at least another 10 years…

Luca Bertolo, Chiara Camoni, Francesco Carone, Giulia Cenci, Dina Danish, Ode de Kort, Nona Inescu, Esther Kläs, Alessandro Mencarelli, Katarina Zdjelar, Santi Alleruzzo

Courtesy of the artists and SpazioA, Pistoia
Courtesy of the artists and SpazioA, Pistoia

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