Tomio Seike



25 x 32.5 cm   (9.8 x 12.5 in)

Published by Hamiltons


Language: English

Pages: 36


In stock

“a photographic requiem”

Celebrating Seike’s many years of visiting Brighton, Overlook catalogues both the daily and seasonal changes along a single stretch of beach.

Seike brings a sense of calm and order to these nostalgic works, which hark back to early depictions of seaside solitude, particularly the 19th century painters of coastal Normandy. The proportions also echo the traditions of photography rather than adhering to the fashion of scale that characterises so much of today’s photographic based art.

“Tomio’s seductive images can transport us through time and place - back to the foundation of a tradition and then forward to our own era: the search for a contemplative moment is an enduring one. The more the pace of contemporary life quickens, and the more crowded the spaces allotted for work and leisure become, our need to find that special moment beckons with ever-greater intensity.”, David Peckman.

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