Toby Ziegler

The Alienation of Objects (2010)

Artists book rebound with perch/goat/ray skin and paper inserts

Limited Edition of 10 + 2APs

19 x 14 cm   (7.4 x 5.5 in)


In stock

“Toby Ziegler plays with human perception and the ways in which we receive, transfer and loose information”

He alludes to the processes by which images, icons and artefacts become eroded and are reproduced across historical periods and translations between different media.

Ziegler’s process often begins with the appropriation of an image which, through endless reproduction, has passed into the visual subconscious. The image is then rendered by computer into modular planes, worked on, developed and modified. If the final result is to be a sculpture, it is then fabricated in three dimensions, often in cardboard or wood, or, as in the most recent works, in oxidised aluminium skins.

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