Susie Hamilton

In Atoms


21 x 21 cm   (8.2 x 8.2 in)

Published by State Media and Paul Stolper


Language: English

Pages: 32


In stock

“whether polar explorers, riders, tourists or shoppers Hamilton’s figures are disfigured as they struggle in the wilderness of this world”

‘in atoms’, is a celebration of twenty years of work by Susie Hamilton, which also marks twenty years since her first show with Paul Stolper gallery: ‘Stop Motion’ in 1996. Though clearly diverse her themes are united by a focus on the figure or creature in a wilderness. Her often isolated subjects—explorers, cowboys, spacemen, riders, shoppers--are blitzed by glaring light, dwarfed by enormous architecture or vegetation, bombarded with snow, processed thorough tourist attractions or the structures of malls and supermarkets. She paints people searching or in transit. They are looking for diversion, fun, stuff, commodities.

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