Lynn Chadwick



29 x 23 cm   (11.31 x 8.97 in)

Published by Blain|Southern


Language: English


Lynn Chadwick was one of the leading British sculptors of post-war Britain, known primarily for metal works often inspired by the human form and the natural world, but which also at times seemed close to abstraction. Coming a decade after his major retrospective at Tate Britain, the shows covered in this publication explore Chadwick’s 50-year career, with each offering a distinct curatorial flavour as envisioned by the exhibition designer Bill Katz.

Produced to accompany three concurrent exhibitions of Lynn Chadwick’s work at Blain|Southern London and Berlin and Blain|Di Donna, New York in 2014. Retrospectives includes an essay from Dr Jon Wood from the Henry Moore Institute and features installation shots of all three exhibitions.